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OK, I admit it, I marked out the other night during John Cena's promo on RAW when he looked dead serious at the camera and said "And I know a lot of you are asking... when's Cena going to turn?" Cena reads the internets!

He managed to work it into his deliberations about the match with Lesnar, by insinuating he was going to have to be heelish to match the ferocity of his opponent. Cena's showing the same psychological discourse Mick Foley went through when he was trying to figure out how to get the ECW fans to hate him. He knew they despised Eric Bischoff, so he wore a shirt that had Bischoff's smarmy face with the words "Forgive Me Eric" underneath.

I'm actually kind of doubtful Cena will lose the belt to Brock. If Brock wins, he has to commit to a full-time schedule until March/April next year, at least as far as PPVs are concerned. As good as Seth Rollins is, I can't see him becoming champ, unless it's to lose in spectacular fashion to Roman Reigns next WM. Rollins and Ambrose simply can NOT resolve their feud with a lameberjack match. It has to be something like Thunderdome with chainsaws and barbed wire and flaming hoops.