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So, just finished watching the replay, and boy, did I call this one wrong. Here's my post-mortem;

Ziggler d. Miz: Ziggler has been a jobber so long, I didn't expect him to win, but it makes sense to have a face holding the secondary title since Brock is going to be on the top for awhile now. The big question is where Miz goes from here - if it were me booking it, I'd have him turn into an introverted, Sunset Boulevard-esque fallen star who's convinced he's still on top and freaks out when people don't cheer for him the way they used to.

Paige d. AJ: Well, we're now guaranteed at least one more title match between these two at NoC, which'll be #5. And if AJ wins there, a sixth at HIAC.

Rusev d. Swagger by TKO: So, apparently a flag match is just a regular match where they raise the flag at the end, I.e. "every single match Rusev has these days". The ending to this one was just weird - between the build and having the Army color guard present it seemed like a natural setup for a babyface victory, but then they just had Rusev camel-clutch his way into victory again (and what ever happened to the ref holding up the arm three times to make sure he's out?) Hopefully this feud isn't over - an "I quit" match somewhere down the road would be a good finale.

Rollins d. Ambrose: Well, at least I called this one right - the match went off the rails fast, Rollins made a run for it, and the Authority tried to intervene, though it was nice to finally see the "Kane marches out and the heel wins the match because he says so" setpiece blow up in his face, at least temporarily. As with the above, no way is this feud over yet - this needs to conclude with either a Hell in a Cell match, or a straight-up CZW-style hardcore brawl.

Wyatt d. Jericho: Bray gets his win back from Battleground, clean. Jericho is going on the road again with Fozzy after Night of Champions, so presumably there's going to be a final blowoff there.

Stephanie d. Brie: The ending to this match was just stupid. Nikki turns for no good reason (I'm sure we'll hear some promo tonight about how Brie was getting all the attention and SHE wants to be a star, waah waah waah) and we get yet another screwjob authority figure ending that makes the heel look like an ineffectual twit who can't win a fight on their own. It's a lot more fun watching a match where the heel wins decisively because they're the better fighter (as seen in several other matches on this card) as opposed to one where the heel wins because the person running the company can openly and blatantly rig the match in their favor without consequences, especially when they've done that ending like fifty times since the beginning of the Authority storyline (which is now exactly a year old, and about four months past its expiration date) and when there's no guarantee that the face ever will get their big win or the heel will get their comeuppance (and that's why people responsible for writing the product should never appear on camera, but that's a topic for another time.)

Reigns d. Orton: This one went about the way I expected it. I thought Orton was going to win for a second when they did the "RKO-counter-opponent's finisher-counter-RKO-pin" spot that ends all of Orton's matches these days, but they had the common sense to have Reigns kick out and get his victory. I like the blue details on Reigns' tactical vest better than the green ones he was wearing previously, but they still both look silly compared to the plain vest he was wearing while in the Shield.

Lesnar d. Cena: I was expecting Lesnar to win decisively, but I didn't think it would be that decisive. I thought the fight was over after that first F5, and what followed was less a match than it was an execution. I was worried for awhile that they would have Cena win somehow and then do a quickie job for Seth Rollins, but thankfully they had the common sense not to go with that. Going forward, I think we can assume Brock will make no more than three or four title defenses between now and WrestleMania (I'd say at NoC, HIAC, Royal Rumble, and Elimination Chamber), and whether it's Reigns or Bryan who faces him at 'Mania I think really comes down to whether Bryan is capable of returning to the ring in time to win the Royal Rumble.