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"What? It's for charity!"

Dean Ambrose is a character I can get behind. Too bad he's off to do the movie. WWE could use a good face right now.

After my complaint about the tag division they have two pretty decent tag matches. Hopefully they continue to build up tag teams.

Rusev finally got his via Mark Henry. This could be a good feud, especially if they plan on feeding Rusev to Lesnar.

I usually don't like the idea of a part timer holding the belt, but in this case it may work. It will hopefully make the champion's appearances special and elevate the status of the belt. Then they can build up the other belts and make holding them something special. Elevating the US and IC belts would lead to better midcard storylines and help make the next superstar.

And thanks to this thread I am now back into the current product. My wife thanks all of you!