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Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
Looks like Dean Ambrose will be gone for a few months, as he'll be playing a cop (who probably breaks all the rules) in a WWE-produced movie. In a way, that's a good thing, as the feud with Rollins won't flair out too early. I'm going to miss that crazy fucker though.

Rollins has become the Dark Lord version of Dolph Ziggler. Maybe they'll have him feud with Reigns in the interim. Somebody has to make Reigns look good until he challenges Brrrrrrrock.
That genuinely makes me upset because Dean Ambrose is the best thing to happen to the wwe in ages.

He made me laugh the second hardest* I have laughed with his "What? It's for charity!" line. And can we appreciate Seth Rollins taking that bucket to the face? That hard to hurt like hell.

I think Mark Henry being the next foe for Rusev is a good call. He seems big and imposing and American...he's also the only black guy Rusev DIDN'T face.

*Number one being when Bo Dallas did his victory lap around the ring and took out El Torito.