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I'm gonna miss Dean Ambrose. They've got lightning in a bottle with that kid; hopefully they'll treat him right. Also, hopefully he'll come down and beat the crap out of the announce table one day for dismissing him as "crazy, unstable, etc." Unorthodox? Sure. Eccentric? Definitely. But there's a real heart that beats in that wifebeater clad, frequently bandaged chest--even though Traitorface Rollins has been doing his best to rip it out and curbstomp it. He's a real person (well, he's a fictional character, but you understand what I mean), with real feelings; marginalizing those by calling him crazy would be irritating, even if this wasn't the WWE announce table and they only did it once rather than a non-stop repetitious patter about it during the entire match.

Speaking of the announce table, it was rough sledding on last night's RAW, even by the low standards of JBL/Maggle/Lawler. JBL especially... over at Uproxx, where I usually keep an eye on the live thread once I'm caught up to live, the joke was that he was drunk. I don't think he was drunk, but he was unusually obnoxious last night, and nobody could find his off switch.

To end on a positive note: Aleksandr Rusev should be giving some sort of seminar on How To Sell to the rest of the locker room. Last night's was a pretty solid Raw on balance, with some weak and WTF? spots thrown in because WWE, but I think the only time I jumped out of my chair, clapped, and squeed for joy was when Rusev actually sold an injury that happened on another episode of my wrassleshow. Maybe he's hanging out with Dean, I dunno. But seeing him do that made me suddenly invest right into this guy's future. He'll have to (IMO) shed the foreign heel gimmick eventually, and (definitely) get out of this streak angle somehow, but he's got a better idea of what it means to tell a story in the ring than most of the roster right now. Na zdrovye, moi droog!