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Yeah, I felt the same way about Rusev after his match with Big E in which Rusev showed he could really sell. He already had all the in ring energy, strength, "look" etc, but make him turn out to be able to sell like a champ and he's golden. Not to mention he's also very good at playing the cowardly heel, and in pretty much the most old school way possible--body language and facial expressions, much like a wrestler from before the age of constant promos.

I feel his streak isn't as big a deal for him either way. Since he's openly played the cowardly heel (albeit one who can still wrestle) for the past 1.5 months or so, I don't think it really hurts him when it ends. He's not a Goldberg who is only a streak and nothing more. He has a pretty easy out of his pro-Russia gimmick, a "break up" with Lana (who is booked as a real Russian) and now he's just Bulgarian Rusev without a long-legged reason to stay Russian.

The only thing is, while most women in wrestling add little, Lana is actually pretty good in my opinion, at least at what she does. But split from Rusev I don't see any point in her character.