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Leap Year - Totally predictable, seen it all before, by the books rom-com with Amy Adams . Skip it.

Neighbors- Damn funny Seth Rogan comedy. See it.

Tansformers 4- As horrible and overly long as everyone said. I couldn't finish it. You should skip it.

Winter Soldier- Another worthy entry in the Marvel Universe. Watched back-to-back with The First Avenger. Good stuff.

Edge of Tomorrow- Excellent sci-fi based groundhogs day. Really good.

and finally

The entire Harry Potter series. We're going to Universal in December and wanted to get my 8y.o. son familiar with it. Still amazed at the consitancy of quality through all 8 films. Had to explain a lot of stuff as it went along since it gets pretty complicated. Horcruxes, hallows, Snape not really a bad guy, Mad Eye Moody was someone else for the entire movie, etc.