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To warn off:
"Sin City: A Dame to Kill For" Terrible - no where near as good as the first "Sin City". The one story taken from the comics, is okay. But the other stories added "around" that story, suck.

"Calvary". Read great reviews about Gleeson's performance. But left the movie feeling totally "whooshed" - far more questions than understanding (maybe that was the intent ?)

"Lucy" 2/3 of a decent action movie, but then they wrote themselves into a corner, and came up with a lame/"Altered States"-like conclusion.

Second recommendations:
"Edge of Tomorrow" Very enjoyable on more than just a sci-fi level. Not a huge Cruise fan, but he did well in this role (as with "Oblivion" - maybe sci-fi is his genre).

"Grand Hotel Budapest". But you have to like Wes Anderson's style. I really enjoyed this.