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Blackfish is a very powerful film.

It's actually not about fish. It's about one black Killer Whale (a mammal). But IMO, it's really yet another film about the effects of allowing Corporations (in this case, Sea World) to do most anything they want in the pursuit of profits.

If your children ever clamor for you to take them to Sea World, take a look at this film first and then consider showing it to them before you go.

Many people would disagree. But I think it would provide children with a wonderful experience in social responsibility and if they decide to get involved in the struggle to shut down Sea World - or at least to eat into their profits by educating people about the harm they do, I think any children will get some great benefits and have a lot more entertainment from that. More so than they could ever get by watching a bunch of mammals who have been tortured and forced to jump around in order to entertain a group of obese adults and avoid starvation by being fed a bunch of dead fish.

IMO, Killer Whales do not want to be handed a bunch of dead fish. They are called "Killers" because they live to hunt and kill in order to eat. Not jump up and down in order to be fed cold dead fish. I'm sorry. But that really ticks me off.

If the children would join a group and march in front of a Sea World in an effort to educate people into not giving them any money, IMO, that would provide them with some great exercise and help them become healthier than they ever could by sitting on their asses and watching some poor tortured mammals go through the paces forced on them by trainers.

The movie illustrates what happens when some thousand pound mammal decides "Enough is Enough" and strikes back at the humans who have tortured it for most of its life.

Some people will hate this film but others will love it. It's really tragic in one sense because it's about the death of a fairly innocent young lady. But it's very empowering in another sense because it's also about people organizing to educate others as to what this corporation is all about as well as other corporations.

I apologize if I sound like I've gone off the deep end and I'm ranting in an insane kind of way. But this film is just so powerful that simply remembering the experience of seeing it has set me off.

Another great film (well, I think it's great) is "The Corporation"

I really wish I would have seen this film when I was a young teenager - maybe 12 to 14 years old. You may want to watch both these films before showing them to any children.

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