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Mrs. FtG read This Is Where I Leave You last week and liked it a lot, so the film based on it became our MotW. I didn't know much about the movie outside of the actors (Bateman and Fey) appearing on talk shows and seemingly obsessing over Jane Fonda's fake boobs in the movie.

I wasn't expecting much since it's only 43% at Rotten Tomatoes (33% top critics) and I think that's a fair ranking.

Not really much of a story. Mostly a series of vignettes about a weird family. Figured out the "big surprise" very early on. I really don't think Bateman's character really learned anything or grew, at least in a long term way.

Some really good secondary actors: Corey Stoll (House of Cards, current Homeland) does a nice job at comedy. Adam Driver is also nice, but his character is a little too close to the one on Girls. Tina Fey's role didn't give her much to do.

The soundtrack at times was quite nice. But I wouldn't rate this as a bad enough movie with a great soundtrack to qualify for that recent thread.

BTW: Some character names and events were changed for the movie, as per Mrs. FtG.