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Saw "Cashback" on Netflix, about a young artist with the ability to stop time. It's not really SF or fantasy, it's a mildly pleasant romantic comedy with the "stop time" thing as a gimmick. The "stop time" gimmick totally unnecessary to the story and handled badly. It was all right to watch, but it squandered the whole "stop time" concept and what was left wasn't all that much.

Watched "That Kind of Girl" on Netflix, about a young, pretty Austrian nanny living in England. It was billed as a sixties sex romp, it was nothing of the kind. Mostly it was about the dangers of STDs as our heroine catches one early on. Not sure which one ... salmonella, maybe? Didn't watch all of it, as it did not have a "romp" feel to it nor was it fun at all.

Watched "Guns, Girls and Gambling" on Netflix, a farce that takes a lot of fun swipes at action adventure movies. A Hopi death mask is stolen from an Indian casino out west. The suspects are a bunch of Elvis impersonators who performed in an Elvis lookalike contest. The hero, John Smith, played well by Christian Slater, is one of the impersonators. The cops are the least of his problems as the Indian tribal leader has put a bounty of one million dollars out to the lowlife who can recover the mask, which attracts the usual heavily armed scum. Nobody and nothing is exactly what they seem to be when things start out. A fun watch.