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Originally Posted by Elendil's Heir View Post
Haven't seen it yet, but isn't it a B-24?:
Oh Gosh! It may well be.

I thought the two bombers used by the USA in WW2 were the B-17 and B-29. I Googled the following question:

what were the two bombers made by Boeing used by the USA in WW2?

I got the following response:

The top two items on the list were the B-17 and B-29.

I didn't see any other bombers on the list. So, ... there you go!

At least, that's were most people went, I think.

I always kind of got the idea that a B-24 had approx 4 people in it whereas the B-17 had about 12. I could be wrong. It would take a few Googles to find that out.

I think you will really enjoy this movie and I hope you do!

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