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Well ....

Recently we've been treated to some truly excellent American films, including:

1998 American History X
1999 American Beauty
2000 American Psycho
2007 American Gangster
2013 American Hustle

Some people have expressed some strong negative feelings about one or two of these (like American History X). But, I just can't get enough of Edward Norton. I think he is really and truly one of the most talented American actors in the movie scene today.

But regardless, most people have to admit the quality of these productions have been top notch! Really and truly ... Jolly Good!

Ummm ... Have you seen The Last Samurai 2003 yet? It is really another excellent production and if you are fed up with Tom Cruise, don't let that detour you. It is really worth seeing. The Japanese actress will find a path to your heart. Absolutely!

Anyway, we have now revelled in another one titled, "American Heist". I suppose we had to find an exception to prove the rule. This movie is not truly excellent. It's not even anywhere near to "really excellent" or any kind of excellent. IMO, it is fair to describe it as "puss on a stick" or "a brick full of crap". It is just not any good at all. It is fairly awful. Really and Truly fairly Awful. Jolly Awful. Yes Indeed. What a piece of crap!

I mean crapolla piled high and wide. Vast and Deep.

I can describe this film as "Yet another in the long series of "shoot em up" bank roberries in which almost everyone gets killed. Yes indeed! Jolly Indeed!

There is nothing new or unique or at all entertaining of this piece of (what's the opposite of entertaining?)

There are a couple of wrinkles that you might find unique. But if I could deliver a message to the film makers, it would be ... "Who cares"? Not me. Dat's fer sure!

I can hardly wait for "Smell a Vision" so that we can see just how they deliver the stench of defecated fecal matter. Because this on would deliver in turds!

If you have decided, "Damn the torpedoes and Full speed ahead! Then, have a good time, Sport! You will need it. But, unfortunately, this bunch of crap won't deliver it. Not at all!

Jolly Crap.

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