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Originally Posted by Typo Negative View Post
Saw two movies from Netflix.

Deliver us from Evil. Bullshit 'true story' about demonic possession in NYC, where there is no sunshine, all light bulbs flicker constantly and flashlights do not work well.

... ...
There are two versions of this movie listed on IMDB.

One is from 2006 and was rated very high at 8.0

The other is from 2014 and was rated quite low at 6.2

I'm guessing you saw the one from 2006? I saw that too but I didn't think it deserved to be rated at 8.0. I'm guessing that because the 2014 version is so new.
8.0 is the kind of rating usually earned by films like "The Sting".

Please excuse me If I'm mistaken.

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