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Sorry. I got stopped by the 5 minute limit on editing posts. I wanted to make sure I remembered how to create spoilers before I continued making the above post.
The movie is from 2006, but I wanted to put a description of the plot in a spoiler in case anyone who has not seen it wants to see it and not have it spoiled.
Typo Negative,

I must apologize. I just looked up the description of the two movies and the one from 2014 is nothing like the one from 2006. The one from 2006 is about the Catholic priest and the one from 2014 is about a police officer in NYC and that is the one with the flickering lights.

I think the one from 2006 was rated so high due to the outrage that people felt when watching it. I seem to recall it was a fairly average documentary, but the subject material was so outrageous, it prompted a very strong negative reaction.


This Catholic priest had abused so many children but the church just kept moving him from one city to another instead of taking any action.
The families of the children did go to the church but the church just chose to go into denial about it. But that was nothing compared to the level of denial the priest himself still exhibits to this day.
He finally got moved back to Ireland and was happy to talk to the film makers. His current attitude is that he may have crossed a line or two and he's sorry but he really doesn't think anyone has anything to complain about.
The priest clearly knew what he was doing though because he always chose families who lived and breathed their Catholocism and IMO, he must have done that because he knew they were very unlikely to do anything that would hurt the Church.

In writing this, I begin to feel that outrage that people must have felt when they saw this and I think I would have given this movie a much higher rating than I thought I would in my OP.

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