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I just recently saw Lucy (2014).

It was rated 6.4 on IMDB and I was very disappointed by that. I thought it should have been rated at least 7.5.

This movie was just wild. The premise was wild. The action was wild. Just everything about it was wild.

It stars Scarlett Johansson (who can always be counted on to give the audience a real good time) and Morgan Freeman who is one of the finest actors working today.

I won't tell you the plot. I doubt that I could explain why I liked it as much as I did anyway. But I wholeheartedly recommend it to you.

The only downside IMHO, was that it was written and directed by Luc Besson. He is a renowned French actor and director who is responsible for several most excellent films. Unfortunately, I think I can recognize his touch on this film and I get the feeling that much of his contributions tended to make the film kind of weird. IMO, if it was directed by a more average director, I think it would have been a better film.

However, bottom line for me was that this was a real good quality film and it's almost a certainty that no matter what, it will not fail to entertain you and it will also get your brain cells working and give you some very interesting concepts to think about it.

The opening few minutes was really exciting. It got my heart to pounding and it made me believe the rest of the film was likely going to be just as exciting as the first few minutes. Do yourself a favor and do see this film.

Scarlett is a trip. A real rocking trip!

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