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Saw "Reality Bites" on cable yesterday. I paid attention to it mainly because of the premise, which was really nice: Elizabeth Bathory's trick of bathing in the blood of female virgins to retain her youth works, and she had survived into the present day. She assures herself of a supply of said virgins by embarking on a career as a high school sexual abstinence advocate, traveling from school to school and encouraging young girls to remain sexually chaste so she can harvest them.

So I was hoping for a brilliant little parody of abstinence counseling in high schools combined with supernatural hi-jinks, which was kind of what I got except for the "brilliant" part: all of it was kind of predictable. It was EXACTLY what you'd expect someone with generally liberal sympathies to come up with, very by the numbers and not all that insightful about the impulses that lead to sexual chastity or sexual promiscuity. Still, a fun little horror romp, just not really worthy of 90 minutes of an adult's full attention.