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Originally Posted by Chefguy View Post
Dead Reckoning, a 1947 film noir with Bogart and a Bacall wannabe by the name of Lizabeth Scott. In fact, she was promoted as 'the next Bacall', but she really didn't have the acting chops. She died in January of this year. Bogie did a good job in this film, but there are better films in the genre.
Indeed. AAMOF, there are much better films in this genre starring Bogart.

At the time "Dead Reckoning" came out, I'm pretty sure that Bogart and Bacall were either living together or married. I doubt that Lauren Bacall would have stood still for Lizabeth Scott making more films with Bogart while Bacall was actually going to marry him. That kind of stuff just would not fly in 1947.