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Originally Posted by That Don Guy View Post
Is that the "normal" way of building up credits? I was doing this before I stopped playing when my computer starting doing random freezes (although they weren't quite as random when playing ED or Kerbal Space Program), but it just seemed that it would take forever to be able to get a ship more suited for exploration that way.

Of course, this assumes that I don't run into yet another ship with its weapons pointed straight at me that somehow manages to stick to my tail like glue.
Well it is for me, but that just be because I am not very imaginative, and crap at combat.

Prior to the wipe from beta I made a goodly amount by running missions ( take X to Y etc) , once I can get back into the swing of things that may be the way to go. I suck at combat and can almost guarantee and interruption from the kids as soon as I get into combat , so that's not going to work.

Seams like I am making some money just by picking up exploration data when running from one system to another.