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I've been enjoying the Kaushpoos CGs in recent days. My Vulture Cathartes has served as my bounty hunter, and done very, very well, I might add. It's been tearing through the NPC pirates like my dog through that box of treats we left within her reach. Here's my vulture loadout, for those interested. I can swap out the hull upgrade for a 16T cargo rack when I wish to do some smuggling. I also used to run with SCBs, but rarely used them. Although, to be honest, I need at least one to take on an Anaconda one on one. I can swap out the fuel scoop for SCBs.

Anyway, I'm in the top 15% of pirate kills in the CG! Woo-hoo!

I actually have found it faster to earn bounty vouchers in the regular RES, as opposed to HazRES instances. Maybe that's not surprising—I can survive just fine in the HazRES; it's just slower. Those Feds helps out a lot.

I also decked out my Asp for mining. Which is very boring, to be honest*. But I'm in the top 33% for Palladium mined for the CG; again, woo-hoo!

I now almost have sufficient funding for my next upgrade, a Federal Assault Ship. Just earned the rank for it. I'm thinking of decking it out as a hybrid smuggler/bounty hunting ship. Probably with a loadout something like this. It ain't cheap, but the fire power should be impressive. I'll swap out the fuel scoop for SCBs if I'm doing pure combat.

*ETA: I've found I can make by far the most CRs per hour bounty hunting in a RES.

*EATA: Evading an interdict after your canopy has been breached is kind of interesting.

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