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I've been visiting all of the stations in the Sol system. Seeing the familiar planets gave me such an odd but wonderful thrill!

There was one incident, however. I usually consult the galactic map while the docking bay is setting up the ship for launch, and yesterday at Galileo station (in orbit around Earth's Moon) I took a wee bit too long doing so. I received a "pad Loitering" warning, and in my panic to get off the pad, got well and truly stuck. Subsequently Galileo destroyed my shiny new Python. Good times.

The Sol system has been good to me; I just had three pirate killing missions in the same nearby system, and two of them paid out more than a million credits each! With my "Dangerous" rank, I've been getting more and more lucrative combat missions in general.

Here's my current loadout for my Python, Fáfnir. This loadout is fabulous for wrecking Anacondas and other large ships.

My only real complaint about the Python is that it is cruise. Interdicting pirates is way faster in my FAS, which is also much faster at killing small ships, but much weaker at killing big ones. The Python's short jump range is mitigated in part by using a large fuel scoop (5A for mine.)

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