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I am one of the older backers of the game and occasionally bump my package with a little larger ship.

I have flown my ships around a bit, I know this is a process and that most of this process is usually hidden from the end users. It is ambitious and I full well realize that the $250 or so I have invested in the game could very well be wasted. Some people buy expensive gym equipment and use it twice before letting it collect dust in the garage.

The last couple months have been seeing alot of progress with flyable ships and filling out of features. I think it will work, I am not holding my breath for any given release date or demanding my current ship (Constellation) be 100% ready.

If they don't make a decent working game, it isn't because they are not trying. They have sufficient funding and not all of the funding is coming from the crowdfunding. Chris Roberts was by no stretch of the imagination broke when he started this whole thing.

The "damning article" from the escapist is pretty much parroting Derek Smart, a developer who failed to make a similar game many years ago. Google "Battlecruiser 3000AD" for a lovely tale of disaster 10 years in the making. Maybe he is speaking from his own failed experience, maybe its just sour grapes. <shrug>

As far as the price tags, like many things in life, you can pay for experiences. Packages offering spending a day at the studio, lunch with Chris Roberts, etc are common to KS campaigns and many of them are not cheap options. Those of us not working in game development might like such options just as much as someone who partakes of $1K bottles of champagne in a fancy nightclub.