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Originally Posted by Johnny Bravo View Post
It's difficult to find info about stuff that's been delayed indefinitely, but my understanding is that the plan had been to release "Star Marine" as a standalone module to players at some point back in 2015 - it was supposed to have represented the core gameplay of Squadron 42, but I guess also function as a multiplayer shooter for backers to play while waiting on the full game.

Either way, it's not really a thing anymore. I guess it's been rolled back into the overall Star Citizen project.
The SM module was also being handled by a subcontracted developer Illfonic IIRC. CIG has since stopped using them allegedly due to them being unable to deliver as promised ( I do not know details but some of the features CIG wants are way above and beyond normal FPS)

I am sure boarding actions will be part of S42 but the core gameplay will be piloting/ship operations. The SM environment is already part of the current live build. There is no dividing line between SC and SM, they are part of the same environment.