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We're all in the USA. You could try to play across the world, but that approach has some significant technical drawbacks. I'm not sure if Blizzard allows you to switch region freely or what.

I found some information on ranked mode. The good - they don't treat assault and defense as being two independent, unrelated runs. The bad - they don't do the obvious thing like I said and flip the map and start the countdown from the amount of time the other team took to win. Rather, you play attack/defense and if you each win one, you get a sudden death king of the hill over one control point. Better than nothing, but less than ideal. It's going to come down to that sudden death a lot.

Also, I was hoping that competitive mode would mean 1 player per class/hero. I would be okay if casual was unlimited, but ranked mode enforced it, but it doesn't. Seems like it'd be easier to balance the game around 1 player per hero anyway, and seems like something obvious that should be enforced in a ranked game.

Also, their ranking system is dumb:

Competitive Play features four distinct tiers: Challenger, Advanced, Expert, and Master. Each tier also has five divisions, ranked 1 through 5. Challenger 1 is the lowest tier and division (all players will begin here) and Master 5 is the highest tier and division. To progress, you'll need to earn a specific amount of points. You’ll gain points for winning competitive matches and, depending on the which tier you're in, lose points for being defeated. The number of points awarded or deducted varies depending on the tier and the specific win/loss condition.
So it has a Hearthstone-like "rank" system where it's about grinding your way along, not an actual good league-based rank system like every other fucking half-decent game has. Even HOTS, their MOBA, is switching away from a dumb grinding rank system to a league system, and yet they make the same mistake with their new game.

Oh, sure, they make it seem superficially like a league system - by having leagues and ranks within those leagues - but reading the description it's basically like Hearthstone. You get a fixed amount of points for winning, a fixed amount for losing, bonus points for a win streak, everyone starts at the basic rank and has to grind their way up.

And... I didn't read the entire page before I wrote that. Yep:

Competitive Play in Overwatch is designed to be seasonal, with progression (including divisions, tiers, ranks, and eventually leaderboards) resetting on the first day of every month.
So they're basically using Hearthstone with divisions instead of ranks 25-1 to make it sound like it actually has a decent ladder system like csgo or rocket league or dota/lol or what HOTS will become.

I can't believe they're repeating Hearthstone's monthly grind ladder system for a shooter.