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Originally Posted by oft wears hats View Post
I like how there are a wide range of characters with more specialized abilities than TF2. There's a lot more options to accommodate different play styles. Each play type has at least two characters I feel comfortable with, and I've only been playing for two days. I can easily switch types to fill gaps in the team. The little notices on the character select screen about team deficiencies are also great, as they get people to make decisions based on team welfare rather than personal glory.
Another design decision that really shows this off? Not displaying everyone's K/D. Nobody cares if you've gone 5-1 running around the back with McCree, get on the point. Nobody cares if you've gone 2-7 with Reinhardt; you stuck with the payload for 80% of the time it was there. It's all about what you can do for your team and the objective, and the game is really great about that.