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I've been doing a fair bit of D.Va, not in the potato leagues. Heavy Tracer is pretty much it. The thrusters are extremely good mobility, and on a short cooldown. You can get anywhere, harass people, get out, grab a fat healthpack, and wash/rinse/repeat. While thrusters are on, you deal contact damage to and knock people around, so you can get people off ledges and split up clusters.

Cockpit shots are the thing to be scared of. A high DPS character puts you down fast if you're facing them, so avoid that if you're not blasting their face off. Know where the big healthpacks are on the maps, and abuse them heavily. The massive armor pool means you outright dominate Winston & low-power Zarya, and does alright vs Rein, so feel free to bully other tanks if they get stranded.

At close range, her damage isn't shabby, and even from moderate range, not having to reload means it adds up fast. Getting on a perch behind the enemy team and pelting the heads of squishies is a good way of making them hide or die. You shouldn't expect to solo kill people 100-0, but diving onto Mercy or Lucio during a fight is often a tough thing for the enemy to deal with.

She also buddies up well with other harassers. You roll with, say, Genji, and you can use defense matrix to eat the things that usually kill them, like sniper shots, scatter arrows, flashbang-fan combos, and followup shots after a hook. Devouring the occasional Pharah/McCree/Roadhog/Tracer ult is always a win too, save the cooldown if you know one's coming up.

D.Va's ult should not be expected to kill anything, but the saving grace is that you can activate it even while you're already getting forcibly ejected, so it's effectively an instant mech button that also makes the spacing you need for the calldown.