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Personally, I take a lot of the things the guy says with a grain, not because I think he's being dishonest but because in the 26 minute gameplay video he did post, he kept missing obvious things that were right on the screen, and failing to follow up on things that seemed really clearly interesting and must-follow-up-y. This indicates to me he may not be the most observant player, which means that his observations are probably very incomplete.

Having said that, I also think that people have way overhyped the game in their minds, and created some frankly bizarre and unsupported expectations about it. (Some are just deeply, deeply, angrily disappointed that you can't get out of your ship while in space, others are saying things like "I really hope this game nails gravity!")

I pre-ordered it, but am keeping expectations low. What he _has_ confirmed is that the visual and aural scapes continue to impress throughout his experience, and honestly that's kind of all I think the game is "really about" so that keeps me happy.

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