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Funny, there were some guys on another forum (Steam I think?) who were just...... outraged!!!! that the leaked gameplay footage was almost exactly like the game the developers had been showing us for the last year.

Almost like they were so used to being crapped on by devs. and publishers making insane claims about a game and delivering something else that the concept of someone telling them the truth about what they were going to deliver was an anathema.

I don't get the 'race to the centre' thing myself as there appears to be so much more to do in the game. To quote from another forum:

- There are several NPC races (we don't know how many). Every one has a different standing with each other. Some will be at full-on war with each other. If you kill loads of a certain race, that race will dislike you and aggro you - while the races they're at war with will like you and help you out. You can play politics and the 'war economy'

- You can trade with NPCs on space stations and on planet-side settlements. You can trade for resources, materials, weapons, upgrades and schematics.

- To speak with NPCs successfully, you need to learn their language. This comes from reading 'Monoliths' on planets where they live - that is, reading their cultural writings. You might learn a word or two from each one, and these words will crop up in the NPC's dialogue. You can work out other words from context and keep notice

- If you say the wrong thing or try to speak a language you don't know, you can damage your standing with that race

- It's not officially confirmed, but we're 90% sure that you can 'hire' members of friendly NPC races as wing men. We don't know if there's an upper limit. You might be able to assemble a fleet of NPCs as wingmen and assault larger space stations.

- You can kill and rob NPCs of money/resources/schematics. You can blow up their ships like a pirate, or assault their on-planet bases. You can also hack into on-planet bases, like using stealth. Obviously these activities will aggro the race and lower your standing with them

- Certain resources/items will be more valuable with particular races. From recent trailers we saw items which are mainly valuable for electronic lifeforms. Could be items like this would be worth a lot more to a sentient robot, for example.
I've seen at least one video where you can discover a crashed and derelict ship that you can loot for tech and supplies - something I've wanted to do since I got a copy of Spacewreck when I was a kid.

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