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Originally Posted by Kinthalis View Post
I don't really care about hype. Hype, unless the game is out on early access or some such, is the likely result of marketing. Who gives a shit how much money Sony spent on commercials and "influencers".

Marketing does not a good game make.

That he reached the center in a few days, does concern me a bit.
I'm kinda curious why you preorderd it if you think marketing and hype are irrelevant, since those are pretty much the only reasons the preorder the game. Well, a third one is "I really like everything this dev makes" I suppose, but that's not the case here, since this is essentially their first game.

Of course I don't understand why anyone preorders anything at full price - there's no physical scarcity, your copy is there whenever you want it - you might as well wait a few hours while the reviews are posted, twitch streams are started, etc.

(The one exception to this is if you get a discount. I ordered Planet Coaster because I'm 90% sure I'm going to get it, and by ordering now it's $30 instead of $50-60. If more publishers offered preorder discounts, I'd understand. But as it is, there's no advantage to preordering, it's all risk)

This has Spore written all over it to me. Overly ambitious, super hyped, new sorts of gameplay. But Spore even had Will Wright and the Maxis team. This is the first real game of a new indie studio with like 15 guys. They've been evasive about answering questions about gameplay and promises made a couple of years ago. This may end up being a decent indie game, but I can't see it possibly living up to the hype and being worth $60.