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They've said that their art design for the game is the covers of '60s Sci-Fi novels. They've said that's a big part of why the planets, creatures, and even space looks the way it does. They're explicitly aiming for a lot of pretty, bold colors everywhere, whether it's in any way realistic or not. In fact, they said they're not considering realism at all when going for the art design (except really necessary things like how all the creatures look like plausible, if alien, lifeforms with symmetrical shapes and such).
Yep lemme clear up one of the biggest misconceptions some people have about this game (and I really don't know where they get this idea--it's based on nothing that was ever said by the devs or marketers): This game is in no sense whatsoever at all any kind of simulation of the world we live in.

Planets are so close together you can easily see them as giant giant discs in the sky from other planets.

Rocks float. Not because anyone did anything, they just do.

It does not appear planets are even properly "in orbit" -- as far as we've been able to see, they just kind of hang around in a clump near their sun.

Your ship continues to use fuel even while coasting in space, under regular old newtonian forces.

No planet has anything resembling an ecology.

Every world is a single giant biome.

A bunch of other stuff.

Don't come to the game expecting any brand of realism whatsoever. That is far from what the game is for or about.

I think it's best to think of the game as being about exploring a cool procedural space in both visual and aural terms, and as being about loneliness. It's not about space, it's not about planets, and it's not about science.

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