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Originally Posted by amanset View Post
It didn't. I got fed up with people that just couldn't deal with the fact that someone may prefer to sit in front of a large TV with surround sound to play.
By telling you that you could play PC games on your big TV, I couldn't deal with the fact that you wanted to play games on a big TV? That doesn't even make sense.

And then there were the "guarantees" about performance issues whilst ignoring problems that PC has had with games that have been on console first.
The only recent game I can think of that actually performs worse on PC than console is Batman Arkham Knight. Most of the time people complain about a bad PC port, it's because they didn't add the extra things above and beyond the console version that PC players expect. Or because it performs exactly like the console version when it shouldn't. For example, a few PC ports are locked at 30 FPS because that's what the console version is limited to and no one bothered to change it. But that doesn't mean the experience is somehow worse than the console version - people would be disappointed that it was the same, when it should be better. But that doesn't mean the console version is better. The same experience that's the norm for a lot of console games feels limiting/broken in PC games.

I just got bored of the conversation and went back to NeoGAF where people can discuss PS4 and PC in the same thread without it becoming a my platform is better than yours shit show.
You were the one who introduced the idea that you wanted to play on PC because of the better performance, but that you couldn't decide because you didn't know if you wanted to pick performance over your couch/tv. I was trying to be helpful by saying that isn't a dilemma and you could have the best of both worlds. I don't even know how you read some sort of platform elitism into that, I was telling you that you had an option that you might not know about.

I must've heard a few hundred times in my life "oh you play racing/fighting/platformer games on pc? that's weird. doesn't playing with a keyboard suck?" from people who don't know you can use whatever controls you want to play on PC, including the same gamepads they use for their consoles. So I tell them they can. Is that elitist? Similarly, if people say "but my couch is better than my desk!", shouldn't I tell you them that there are multiple ways to connect your PC to the same TV anyway? They probably don't actually know and this gives them a solution they didn't have before.