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I explained my position. I only posted as someone directly referenced me. I've now explained the cost involved. I've explained that frankly, from what I have read and from someone in this very thread, streaming from PC to a device like Steam Link isn't perfect. hell, I've even said that I am mainly a PC gamer except for exclusives.

And yes, I own a 360 pad connected to my PC that I have used for games (most recently Elite Dangerous).

I gave a further example of a bad port. I mentioned that Japanese developers are famous for this, showing that there are further examples. But it won't matter, you'll just want one more.

But apparently this isn't enough. The PC is clearly best. You are right. how stupid of me to not see this. All the worries and shortcomings, especially of the proposed solution of streaming, are pointless.

So fuck it, whatever. As I said, back to NeoGAF where this shit doesn't happen because adults act like adults.

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