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Originally Posted by Johnny Bravo View Post
Somebody mentioned above that anything you do on a planet goes away as soon as you leave. Cam anyone confirm? This is very disappointing news to me.
I don't think that's the case for YOU. Changes you make to the planet are saved locally on your drive, but the planet is recreated from it's seed for other players, in the unlikely case of another player coming upon a planet you've visited.

At least that's the info form an interview within the past couple of months. The only exception to this are things you've discovered and named. Other players will see those (ie. they might stumble unto Straight Dopius Prime, and see the wild horned Beefs and feathered Kinthalis's roaming the countryside), but they won't see a mined out planet, or other changes you've made ot the terrain or resources or life. Everything other than named things will be reset for them.

As mentioned, it's unlikely that you will ever see anything else named, unless they purposely cluster new gamers in general proximity.

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