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I got the PS4 version as a gift, despite having preordered the Steam version. The game is fun, but you have to ignore all the stupid icons on the screen. There's a huge temptation to just walk back to your ship and fly from waypoint to waypoint, but it sucks pretty much all the fun out of the game. I generally walk if something is under 5 minutes away, and fly otherwise, and I think it improves my enjoyment a lot.

Random thoughts:
  • The survival aspect is trivial. You can get the materials to refuel your life support and ship easily. I got to the point where I was literally selling all of my fuel so I had room for more important stuff because I knew I could find more just by walking for seconds on a random planet.
  • The planets aren't too varied w.r.t. biome. That is, you're not going to get big volcanos on molten planets or anything. It's all pretty much rolling hills and caves. That said, it produces some pretty decent terrain, it just looks like it's the same landscape parameters for every planet type.
  • Combat is awful. I haven't tried ship combat yet, but enemies lack and animation or noises when they get hit, making you wonder if you're actually doing anything.
  • At the beginning before any upgrades, this game is Sim Inventory Manager Deluxe 2016. Just sell off those rare resources, there's too many to hold onto.
  • It becomes clear pretty quickly that the animals are, as Jim Sterling put it, "lego animals". A bunch of prefab pieces smoothed out and perturbed by an algorithm and stuck together. They're still pretty interesting to look at, as long as you accept that.
  • Texture quality is abysmal on PS4, hopefully PC supports some high-def textures (or higher resolution texture generation since I assume that's procedural).
  • Speaking of "lego animals", there's a lot of prefab in this game. Once you've seen a couple bases and a space station, you've seen them all. The landscapes, caves, and animals are procedural. The "setpieces" like ruins and outposts your map waypoints lead you to much less so.

This game is best if you just want something to chill out to and walk around looking for resources. It's not very deep, even compared to Minecraft or the current crop of popular (mostly early access) survival games on Steam. The crafting is almost all "+1 to <X>" stuff. However, it is very stylish and it does art and exploration better than all those games (except arguably Minecraft which has a ton of charm despite its low fidelity). I think PC will be the definitive version assuming they don't totally botch that version, just so long as you can up the texture quality and crank up the draw distance.

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