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Originally Posted by Johnny Bravo View Post
If that's the case, then there's absolutely no reason for there to be so many planets. What's the point of infinite planets if there's no permanence? You could have gotten the same effect (lots and lots of planets with nothing on them and little likelihood of running into anybody else) with only a few million.

Permanence with that many planets would make coming across somebody else's work very special, and could even create space tourism, provided there was a way to protect work. "Hey, on this particular planet at the ass end of the galaxy, somebody spent a long time building an awesome such and such."

Either way, the first impressions have cooled my interest enough that I won't be considering a purchase until more reviews roll in over the next few weeks.
There's no building in the game, the best you can do is make crude tunnels with grenades and mine minerals. The best you could do is make some Nazca Lines, and even that would be hard. They said they want to add bases in the next update they're working on, but I don't know why. This game is all about going somewhere else. Having a home base is pointless.

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