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So yes. About that whole "PC ports even if considered bad are still better than the console" thing.

And now that the PC version has been out for about two hours, much of that goodwill has soured as a majority of players are bumping up against a host of technical issues rendering the game unplayable in its current state.
Of course, it's hard to form a complete verdict on a game of No Man's Sky's magnitude in only an hour or two, but it only takes a few minutes to suss out whether the product is even playable on your PC. For many of these players, it wasn't.
"10 FPS on a GTX 980? No Man's Lag. DO NOT BUY" added Steam user Robo Hobo.

"Crashes on open every time. gg" thelordvalor stated.

Many more reported that the game would simply crash upon starting up.