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They did put their game on PC. The only "console exclusiveness" about it is that Sony paid them not to put it on Xbox. They're just in over their heads because they're just a 15 man dev team that hasn't done anything significant before now.

I went from "sounds cool, I'm interested, but sure does sound overhyped to me" to actually being angry at its success. Why in the world does this game, which even by people who like the game basically admit it's a niche indie game, have one of the biggest launches ever on steam? If this was a $20 indie game and got 30,000 people on launch day, I'd totally understand. It'd be like a Terrraria/Starbound/Kerbal type of hit. Which is about where it should be.

But instead it launches at $60 and outsells a polished, complete, broad-appeal game from a developer with a great track record and probably best game of the year Witcher 3. This is even after 3 days out on another platform where it's proven itself to be, at best, not everything it was cracked up to be with a lot of warning signs. Where it gets metacritic ratings in the 60s. And yet people rushed to preorder/buy day one. Why in the fuck?

I can only understand this as a masterful case in marketing and hype because nothing else about this adds up.

There are a lot of people who are deeply emotionally invested in this game. If you go to review sites or forums discussing it, they come out and have a cult-like dedication to how it's the most amazing thing ever and if you don't agree then you just don't get it, and the developer did everything they promised, and there are no flaws. The fanboyism is extreme.

Very, very strange, this whole ordeal. I think in a couple of weeks about 80% of the people who bought it are going to realize it really isn't a gamechanger, it's not gonna blow their mind, it's not going to have great depth or great replayability, and they're going to regret preordering the damn thing for $60. The 10-20% of hardened fanboys will fight to the death over it. What a weird situation this whole thing is, and it makes me sad how much people are taken in by hype.

Many tens of millions of dollars could've been spread over dozens or hundreds of other niche indy games this year instead of all being focused into this one.