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Very, very strange, this whole ordeal. I think in a couple of weeks about 80% of the people who bought it are going to realize it really isn't a gamechanger, it's not gonna blow their mind, it's not going to have great depth or great replayability, and they're going to regret preordering the damn thing for $60. The 10-20% of hardened fanboys will fight to the death over it. What a weird situation this whole thing is, and it makes me sad how much people are taken in by hype.
Those who enjoy the game for what it is have understood from the beginning that the game will not have depth in its gameplay mechanics. That's not where this game is at. It is a casual, "chill" game. A way to pass some time enjoyably.

I really don't understand why anyone ever expected the game to be other than that. I followed all the ads, heard all the same interviews as everyone else, and somehow, I came away with an accurate expectation of what this game would be like, while somehow, many others came away with really bizarre, exaggerated expectations for it.

(And that's not to mention the weird over-reactions people are having to things like the lack of multiplayer. Hello Games has been a bit back and forth on that, absolutely, but it should have been a huge clue to anyone who wasn't sure that not one single bit about multiplayer was included in even a single trailer for the game--and in the last few months Hello Games has consistently stated that there will be no direct interaction between players in the game. Okay, so maybe some people missed all that but the huge, incredibly angry reactions some people have had really puzzle me. How is it even a big deal? I don't get this.)