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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
Paying people in India and other low wage places to astroturf online hype/reviews/anything is remarkably cheap. A few thousand dollars can buy a ton of astroturfing.

But I think there's lots of legit fanboyism going on too. People have hyped themselves up for years over this and invested a decent chunk of change - there's a strong incentive to justify your behavior if you're not introspective about it.

I just had a thought. Since they were delaying the game so long anyway, they should've delayed the game longer and made it a launch title with PSVR. It would've made a good VR title, the fact that it isn't really what it's cracked up to be would be masked by people experiencing it in a new way and having that make it feel revolutionary. VR would've made it seem closer to the revolutionary and unique experience it wanted to be.

I guess they'd have to make it run a whole lot better - VR demands higher frame rates and higher FOV than they use by quite a large margin.
How cheap we talkin?

'cause I wouldn't mind astroturfing myself a little bit.

"Wow kinthalis, you truly are a visionary. I've been folllowing your posts closely and every time you inspire and delight!"

Oh, jeez, thank you very much poster I've never seen before!