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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
Have you ever been angry when a really stupid movie comes out that's been overhyped, and the reviews come out and say it's bad and not what it promised to be and has all sorts of problems, but people ignore that and go see it anyway due to the hype?

What if it was up against other movies that had merit and were small projects with similar appeal but higher quality and those movies withered because all the money was going to the super hyped one?
No, I really don't care what response a movie or any other piece of entertainment gets. Why would I?

What advantage did you get by preordering this game? You couldn't even preload the thing. I truly don't understand the preorder mentality. I understand kickstarter backing - if you don't do it, the game may not be made at all. But whether or not you preordered this game had no impact on its development cycle at all. You received no advantages for doing so. No discount or anything. So why do it? Why not see if it's actually any good before committing $60 to it?
I pre-ordered it because I knew I would be getting it anyway, and it saved me a trip to the game shop when it launched, that is all, simple convenience. I don't pay a lot of attention to reviews and have never held off buying a game while waiting to see what other people think of it. If it interests me I'll get it, if it doesn't I won't. I wasn't looking for an advantage or to get ahead of the game or anything like that, I just knew I wanted it, and ordered it. What's so hard to understand?

It's hard to believe anyone could be in a "gaming slump" that they needed to preorder a new game to cure. Aside from the fact that preordering a game doesn't actually allow you to play it, there are thousands of amazing games out right now for PC. You could find something better, something cheaper, something that was a known quantity with reviews and gameplay footage and something you could actually play now.
First I don't like playing games on the PC. Settle down, it's just a personal preference, get over it.

I was buying a few games and NMS was one of them, the fact I wouldn't be able to play it immediately wasn't a problem. I was in a game purchasing mood and it was one of the games I purchased.

It won't be a disaster because they've already made tens of millions of dollars off of it. Who cares anymore? The marketing team delivered masterfully - which means it doesn't matter that the development team didn't.
It will be a disaster if they want to continue making games but have this debacle hanging over them.