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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
Steam peaked around 140k users today. Given that today was a Saturday, the day after launch, you'd expect it to meet or exceed its Friday numbers. But that's a steep decline. Probably because hundreds of thousands of refunds were issued.
Or - and this is equally likely - people have shit to do on the day during Saturday?

I can't speak for the US, but the average age of gamers in Australia is about 34, so statistically they're likely to be doing Family Stuff or playing sport or something on Saturday.

If literally hundreds of thousands of people had refunded their copy of the game, I'd expect one of the major and reputable gaming outlets to have a story on it. I haven't seen that story yet. Not saying it isn't true, but I'd suggest there's probably other factors at play too.

I agree this game has been way, way overhyped - but I also know the marketing-led hype stopped months ago and the residual has been carried on by the fans - many of whom are not doing anyone any favours by getting their undies in a twist over (IMHO) trivial stuff like exactly how multiplayer the game really is.

Sure, the developer hasn't done himself any favours by coming across as a bit unspecific on some subjects; I understand his desire to want to preserve a sense of wonder and magic, but I also think there's a time to say (for example), "Look, at launch we're not going to be implementing any sort of multiplayer mechanic but it's on The List for further down the track once we see how the sales numbers are and what would actually be involved in doing it."

Let's be completely honest here - let's say that it was actually possible to meet another player. So what? As the developer has said, the odds of it happening are astronomical. So assuming people did, I'd suggest you'd get a couple of YouTube videos and the occasional Reddit thread about it and not much else.

IMHO it's really, really not a huge deal and certainly doesn't warrant the "HOW VERY DARE YOU NOT IMPLEMENT THIS THING!" reaction it's been getting.

The game definitely isn't perfect and still has an unpolished feel about it, but so far I'm enjoying it. The real question isn't "Is it fun now?", it's "How fun will this be after I've been to 100 planets?" or "What updates and features will get added to the game after everyone has visited dozens of planets?"

Take Civ V - when it came out it was widely regarded as incomplete, lacking, and not as good as Civ IV by many people; it took some expansions to get it up to the "Super Excellent" level.

While I wish developers got things right out of the gate, I'm also glad we live in a world where it's possible for developers say "You know what? We will add base-building to this; we'll make the ships customisable", if they decide to go down that road.

The point is, it's not an awful game, no matter how much some people have apparently decided it should for some reason.