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I knwo I'm going to sound like a total conspiracy nutjob here, but does anyone else get the impression from how this game was launched, with Crysis-like limitations for PC users leading to nigh-unplayability, versus an at least functional PS4 version (with all of the limitations of a console game, but at least playability for a hugely-hyped game) that Sony's investment into this game might have included a push to keep the PC version deoptimized?

Given the huge numbers of players who have refunded this game on Steam, I have to imagine that at least some of them did so because of the technical problems, not because the game is sort of an empty open world survival game (which is just what it was marketed as.) It's got to push the mindset that console makers want to put in the minds of PC gamers that one reason to switch to consoles is that the games that release on console will be playable, and not the mess that this game is on anything other than top-of-the-line rigs.