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Originally Posted by Frylock View Post
The impression they're giving through their twitter account is that they're basically completely overwhelmed by the response and can't quite handle it in their current state.
This is the fiftieth time a new video game's server demands have overwhelmed the company that made it. It's very old news. They always cheap out on the post-release resources and it always bites them in the ass.

Originally Posted by SenorBeef
That's why I don't understand the preorder mentality.
My best friend preordered No Man's Sky for PC. I told him straight up he was an idiot. I don't for the life of me understand why he lent Steam $60 interest-free dollars for a product he didn't know the quality of. It's mystifying - one of the most flatly, unquestionably irrational consumer decisions I can think of, really. I don't even think he got a discount.

Maybe it's a holdover from the days when you had to buy the product in a store and they might not have any left on the date of release? I'm not sure. But if the reviews had been like "omfg this game is everything you'd dreamed of" I'd have bought it from Steam on August 12 and had it every bit as much as Mister Pre-Order, except I never ran the risk of it being... well, what it is.