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That's why I don't understand the preorder mentality. If a game is good, great, you can still get it after reading some reviews and not lose anything, but if a game is bad then you're playing into their exact gambit of trying to make you buy their product before you can find out its bad. Why anyone volunteers to buy into that gambit I honesty have no idea. It's not like you have to wait long - you waited months or years for the game, but you can't wait a few hours to see if the game is a disappointment before committing your money to it?
Well as I said earlier I pre-ordered for convenience and the reviews weren't going to change my mind. For what it's worth I bought a game called Fallout 4 that you may have heard of. It had good reviews, I didn't like it. So am I a dunce for pre-ordering a game with no reviews and liking it? Or am I a dunce for post-ordering a game with good reviews and not liking it, I don't know what I should do SenorBeef!