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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
That's why I don't understand the preorder mentality. If a game is good, great, you can still get it after reading some reviews and not lose anything, but if a game is bad then you're playing into their exact gambit of trying to make you buy their product before you can find out its bad. Why anyone volunteers to buy into that gambit I honesty have no idea. It's not like you have to wait long - you waited months or years for the game, but you can't wait a few hours to see if the game is a disappointment before committing your money to it?
I preorder for a few reasons - financial (I might have the money when I preorder but can't guarantee I will when the game comes out), because I like the bonuses on offer, and also because sometimes I'm confident enough in a game that I want to be able to start playing it the moment it comes out.

Also, thanks to people on the internet with nothing better to do but play games all day, there's a pretty high likelihood of running into spoilers for games if you don't get into them sharpish - waiting a few days or weeks for the reviews to come in increases the likelihood of having the plot spoiled by then too.

And even if it's not a plot-tastic game, you've also got people gaining valuable skills/knowledge of the game's systems and maps, putting you at a disadvantage if you come in late to a multiplayer game, for example.

In short, there's lots of cromulent reasons to pre-order and they aren't about people being sheep unable to think for themselves.