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Originally Posted by Martini Enfield View Post
I preorder for a few reasons - financial (I might have the money when I preorder but can't guarantee I will when the game comes out),
Because...your impulse control is so bad that you might've spent that $60 on something else? Or because an emergency came up that made you spend it? Because if it's the former, this is still silly, and if it's the latter, what happens when you preorder and then have that emergency?

because I like the bonuses on offer,
Except that the interesting bonuses are increasingly getting moved to collector's editions and the like.

and also because sometimes I'm confident enough in a game that I want to be able to start playing it the moment it comes out.
Except that in cases like this, you couldn't even predownload it, so even if you preordered, you haven't gotten to the game any faster. You still have to sit down at your PC and wait for it to download. All you've saved is the like, 30 seconds of clicking "Buy now" and confirming your credit card. That seems like a pretty low value add.

Also, thanks to people on the internet with nothing better to do but play games all day, there's a pretty high likelihood of running into spoilers for games if you don't get into them sharpish - waiting a few days or weeks for the reviews to come in increases the likelihood of having the plot spoiled by then too.
As Beef pointed out, you don't need to wait days or weeks to find out if a game is arse. Hours would suffice. And in this particular case, there's really nothing to 'spoil'.

And even if it's not a plot-tastic game, you've also got people gaining valuable skills/knowledge of the game's systems and maps, putting you at a disadvantage if you come in late to a multiplayer game, for example.
I got into a huge argument over this the last time, but really, who cares? If you wait a week, the advantage people will have over you in multiplayer will be laughable in a day or three. And this is a single player game.

In short, there's lots of cromulent reasons to pre-order and they aren't about people being sheep unable to think for themselves.
None of which apply to this particular title, yes.