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With the exception of the ending (which I haven't gotten to yet) and the crashes (which, on the PC, I have not experienced even once), this review pretty much sums up my thoughts. I'm about 17 hours in (it was a rainy weekend ) and, though I've had great fun, it's gotten repetitive. I'm not really sure what to do anymore, other than stuff I've already done, albeit on a different planet with slightly different flora and fauna. It just feels.... not done.

I really do hope they put out some expansions. A few questlines, some more interesting/different things on the various planets, and it could be great.

They also need to fix some of the mechanics. As the review stated, space combat is miserable. Finding your way around a planet is totally random; you have no map, no compass, no way to set a waypoint and get back to it. As others have mentioned - find a cool crashed ship? You better hope you have everything on you to repair it, because if you head out to gather materials you might not have, good luck getting back.