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Originally Posted by BrianJ View Post
This game sounds a bit like Empyrion. Similar gameplay?
I have Empyrion on my wish list, and I took a deeper look at it last night because it is on sale @ 50% off. I'm also about 11 hours into NMS.

From what I can tell from a few reviews and videos, the gameplay and setting aren't all that similar. I welcome corrections, since I haven't played Empyrion.

* Empyrion stresses construction of bases (first) and vehicles/ships (later); in NMS you cannot construct anything

* NMS lets you travel the shared universe (in theory); Empyrion seems to be more your planet and close environs (moons, etc) - a difference in scale of travel

* Empyrion, due to its emphasis on construction, has a more in-depth (or more tedious, if you wish) mining/gathering mechanic, including the need to dig deep; in NMS, there really isn't any "digging" other than holes from your grenades

* NMS doesn't overwhelm you with "survival"; keep your suit charged and you're generally fine; in Empyrion, survival is more involved, complex, and deep.

Again, I appreciate any corrections or amplifications, especially since I'm considering buying Empyrion (and not just in response to NMS disappointment).