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Originally Posted by asterion View Post
I think there needs to be a video equivalent of TLDR. I don't care how astute the guy's thoughts are; I'd much rather read a transcript or (even better) a well-written article than spend 40 minutes watching a video.
I know what you mean. It's a good video, thoughtful and insightful, but it's not short.

TL;DR for it is more less that gamers were deliberately conned into thinking the game was other than it was going to be, or that the developers really didn't know what they were doing with it.

I might try the game when it's cheap. So maybe a year from now.
I doubt I ever will, myself, unless it changes a lot. The basic science and flight models (both atmospheric and in space) are just way too goofy. And it's clear the monster models and animation are half-baked: too Spore-like for me.

It's a pity. So much potential!