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Originally Posted by Knorf View Post
I know what you mean. It's a good video, thoughtful and insightful, but it's not short.

TL;DR for it is more less that gamers were deliberately conned into thinking the game was other than it was going to be, or that the developers really didn't know what they were doing with it.
No, he argues rather that the community had a lot of bizarre expectations that weren't supported by anything the developers said. With that said, he does also say the developers should have been more careful about how they framed the things they did say.

For TB, the moral of the story has been that we all ought to exercise some critical thinking when it comes to what we hear from developers years before release of a game. If they seem to you to be promising, implicitly or explicitly, something too big to be plausible, then you should probably temper your expectations. I absolutely agree. It's what I've done concerning this game from the beginning, and it's why I had accurate expectations of the game going in, and it's why I continue to enjoy it today.

Having said all that I think the game could be much, much, much, much much better--and should be--and I hope this comes to fruition in further development. In particular, the actual, well, game parts of the game need massive amounts of development. We have right now basically a skeleton of a game. But what a skeleton.

Even if it doesn't go in good directions on further development, I salivate thinking about what the technical achievements of this game will mean for future games three, five, ten years in the future.

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